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Kind Words

We invite you to read what people say about Niyama's life changing yoga retreats, our venues and The Niyama Tribe.


"The Niyama retreat in Vermont was wonderful as usual. Nicole and her team offered and led amazing diverse experiences from incredible yoga and meditation classes, an Ayurvedic cooking class, and hiking in the beautiful Green Mountains. I absolutely love the community of people Niyama brings together on these delightful retreats to share space and spend time with one another learning and growing."

— Rebecca, Vermont Summer 2022


“I recently went on one of the Niyama Yoga Retreats and words can't describe what an amazing experience it was.  I hadn't practiced yoga in over a year and was nervous to attend this retreat but from the time of check-in til the time we left - it was one of the best decisions of my life. Nicole and her tribe welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like i had known everyone forever. The first class that was offered was a Power Vinyasa class which was led by Nicole herself.  Although quite challenging, Nicole's guidance  and calming presence made me not only overcome my fear of taking this class, it made me so proud I completed it !! I not only re-set my mind, body and spirit but found the passion in yoga and meditation that I had lost for a while. I cannot say enough about this retreat and the role Nicole plays in making everyone feel at home and reach their goals. I cannot wait to sign up for the next retreat!"

— Gina, Vermont Summer 2022


"I just came back from a yoga retreat at Setu, Vermont with Niyama Yoga Retreats and was very happy. Nicole planned the yoga activities for each day plus some free time to share with others or just time by myself to recharge myself. Some of the activities included Power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra classes, Meditation, and a Sound Bath. Other activities included Ayurvedic Cooking class, firepit, and hiking in the woods to ground with the earth.

My key take away was the positive energy and joy I felt with my fellow yogis. The positive energy that grew from moving, meditation, eating, cooking together and speaking together. I got to know everyone and felt very supportive and in the same way I felt a sense of freedom and hope which I have taken back with me to help myself on my next path of life."

— John, Vermont Summer 2022


“Tucked away, deep in the forest of Vermont, lies Setu, a traditional Indian wellness retreat center. I was looking forward to a tranquil weekend with Nicole and our community. Nicole structured the weekend perfectly.


The tribe, at this retreat in Setu, blended so well. We made true connections and established lifetime friendships. The last day we had a mediation followed by a yoga Nidra session and prepared for our ride home.  My stay at Setu allowed me to become one with nature and to find peace and tranquillity within myself.  Nicole achieved her goal on this retreat, providing total relaxation and a serene escape from reality. Thank you Nicole for an amazing retreat and I am looking forward to our next retreat getaway.”

— Danielle, Vermont Summer 2022


“My experience with Nicole at a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico was life changing! As a breast cancer survivor, my body has been through challenges. Yoga and Nicole have changed my life. My battle scars are warrior wounds, and I am stronger, healthier and happier today than ever before. This woman has inspired me, healed my body, mind and spirit. I have made a treasured friend for life.” 

— Marie, Tulum Fall 2019


"My favorite part of being in the Niyama Tribe is the pure sense of belonging and a place to call home. I’ve grown so close to so many of the tribe members in the past two years. The past retreat at Menla changed me in a way that is almost unexplainable. I am so grateful I was able to find such a dynamic group of people who made me consider my well being and health a top priority."

— Nancy, The Catskills Fall 2021

Buddha Statue

"The [retreat] experience is still fresh in my mind. We had fun and learned about ourselves and others. I enjoyed meeting everyone. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.”

— John, The Catskills Fall 2021


"This past weekend I went to find my inner true authentic self...a place I realize I have not invited many to witness - for fear ... not to be accepted, for being enough... this weekend was profound for me. My take away was vulnerability, to pull back the veil of perfection and just be unapologetically me. Thank you Nicole Beekman-Zornitzer you are fierce, you are inspiring and I’m grateful to have spent this past weekend with you <3" 

— Diane, The Catskills Fall 2021


"The yoga retreat hosted by Niyama Yoga in Tulum Mexico in February 2022 was incredible. The accommodations were on a private beach at a beautiful retreat center.  The oceanfront views and location were superb and breathtaking. Every day we had amazing food prepared for us with many options.  I had a profound life-changing experience with all of the top-notch offerings of yoga, soundbaths, workshops, and excursions led by the most fantastic teachers.  I have formed wonderful friendships with the people I met on the retreat and can't say enough how positive the whole retreat experience was for me.  I can't wait until the next one!"

— Rebecca, Tulum Winter 2022


“I was lucky enough to attend Niyama's 2020 Tulum Mexico Retreat.  I had never been on a yoga retreat before and I had a wonderful time.  The location and accommodations were beautiful, but it was Nicole and Niyama that made it amazing. Doing yoga looking out over the ocean amongst such beautiful souls was magical.”

— Sondra, Tulum Winter 2022

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