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The Town of Ayampe

While paradise may not exist on earth, Ayampe gets pretty close.  It has  the cozy feel of a little village nestled in the lush, scenic mountains and rivers on the coast of Ecuador, surprisingly juxtaposed with modern  comforts such as fast wifi, international and local fresh cuisine, spas  and comfortable lodging. Ayampe is an integrated village of 400 full  time residents who enjoy the international company of world travelers and those who call it home and add to its charm and options for engaging and enjoying the village. More generally, Ecuador is famous for its micro climate diversity, with very different climate zones right next to each other. Ayampe is a lush forest surrounded by lots of dry forests and deserts, and enjoys temprant sunny days most of the time December through May. Also, contrary to many people's assumptions, Ayampe (and  lots of Ecuador) is not hot; it enjoys a year round climate (without the sun factor if you find yourself out of the shade) between 69 and 84 degrees.

Our Venue

Single private rooms in a beautiful resort that the Niyama Tribe is taking over (we are the exclusive guests of the resort), AC, private  bathroom, Queen Sized Bed, wifi and filtered water.

Mimi Daraa, Founder of Maison Palo Santo

Mimi Daraa will be co-leading our retreat at Vikara. She is a personal friend of the venue owners and owns a house in the area, so we can say she knows the area VERY well.

Mimi Daraa is the founder of Maison Palo Santo and a 200 RYT trained in vinyasa, yin and meditation. She connects people to their innate human potential through the power of these daily rituals and Palo Santo. She is on a mission to spread love, laughter and peace through her offerings and products. 

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How to book

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot. No refunds will be issued if your trip is cancelled less than 90 days prior to the retreat date.


Before booking this retreat, PLEASE READ OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Questions about our retreat to Ayampe, Ecuador?

Drop us a line and we promise to promptly answer your question.

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